How to Win a Poker Tournament – 3 Poker Plays That Win

How to Win a Poker Tournament - 3 Poker Plays That Win

You may know how to win a MPO777 tournament in theory, but how do you actually do it in the field? I’m going to describe here a few moves that I actually use when I get into a tournament. These moves will not make you a winning tournament player, but they will make you a more patient player, which will increase your chances of winning.

The First Plays in a Poker Tournament

For the first couple rounds, you want to play very tight. The blinds are so low in the beginning that you don’t want to risk chips with bad hands. There’s nothing worse than getting a low pocket pair and having people call with AJ, so you want to just call all the time. Even with the right hand, like AK, AQ, you want to stay in the hand only if you can limp in cheap. When you hit the right hand (with AK, for example) then you want to be in the pot to see the flop.

When you hit the flop, you’re in a different position. This is where patience plays a big part in your decision making. If you just hit a set, you want to make sure that you don’t slow play too much money. You don’t want to be taken advantage of when you hit a set, since you’ve got a pocket pair. Take those sixty or so dollars and use them to try and win the tournament. Don’t slow it down or you will end up being called in those situations where you really think you have the better hand.

The Second Plays In a Poker Tournament

So, you got yourself to the second round. Time to play some hands. Again, with AA and AK, you want to be in the pot only with one pair. That makes it easier to push two other players off the hand. If you flop a set, you can get two players with sets to fold, which will save you a lot of money. You also want to be heads-up in the hand. This is especially important with the advent of turbo and super turbo tournaments. You will not get these tournaments very often, so when you do get them, the stakes are going to be extremely high.

So, don’t be afraid to play your hand if you think you are behind or on a draw. You never know, you may be drawing out to an open ended straight, which will make it very expensive for the others to catch up.

Strategies To Winning A Poker Tournament

Reading opponents is the hardest part of any strategy to apply in a tournament. You are watching less experienced players to try and understand them. This means you will probably get confused when they put their hand so forward. One strategy to use to chase the players drawing hand, is to not let it scare you. If you do not call the bet, you are giving your opponents a free card.

Always take your time in making a decision when you know you are behind. Don’t call a bet or raise when you are almost sure you are going to lose.

Play some wild hands, like suited connectors, high cards, high pairs, etc. and other hands that you are not nearly as confident with. This is a good strategy, because you want to build a big pot. You want to keep your flop hands second to free throwing ones.