Web Directories Are a Must Have Website Marketing Tool

Always on the look out for unique and fresh things to post on the web, an individual may have tried one or two web directories and suchlike web directories to gain some exposure for a target website.But more often than not, these directories either do not suit your necessity, or do not usually yield the expected results. In case, you are keen on not wasting your time submitting your website to such directories, you may look at an alternative way of bringing targeted traffic to your site rather than wasting time on submitting to them.

In the advent of the Internet, the number of web directory sites were growing like wild fire and if you would not be able to choose the appropriate directory sites to use for your website promotions, you might just end up with a huge list of non-productive web directories.

The very basic thing to remember, whenever you plan to use a web directory to market your website and not after it is already submitted, is to make sure that they have a maximum page rank on the web. The higher the page rank, the more the chances of the selected web directory site to be featured on the top page of search engine results. As a general rule, you would find web directories with a page rank of zero, but those with a page rank of 4 or higher belong to a directory with a higher rank of possible submissions.

Web directories, as a part of their search engine optimization techniques, find a way of bringing more traffic to your site without actually having to submit your website to them. They do this by putting your site listed in a category of websites under the general category of a particular field or category of websites. Some of the things suggested by the web directories for inclusion in these categories include business services, sports, leisure, sports’ and finance, and life and health categories include medical and pharmaceutical services and are divided into sub-categories, effectively making them more specific.

So while choosing a corresponding category you should consider the relevance of your website. More often than not you may end up with the most suitable category, but the website will not be listed at a better rank when you submit it along with it will be listed under the category of the web directory site you chose. This is the reason it is recommended that the hyperlink created from the directory to the site is relevant to the respective category, or the categories within it. For example if you are submitting your site under the category of car racing, the hyperlink that needs to be created from the web directory should run along with the category of the web directory site you are using.

When using this aspect of the web directory submission, you would have to pay some money for a tab for the directory submission, and that is the reason the directory offers the web directory service either at a cost or free, along with the necessary sum of money from the various category Dewapoker owners.

For those who do not enjoy writing on the web, they may use the services of web directory writers and graphic designers to make the right choice of submitting their websites to the various web directories sites of choice.

So, if you need to get your website more exposure or you want to maximize the working of the site and enhance its chances in getting picked by the search engines, web directory submission is the way to go.