A History of Roulette and How to Find a Winning Roulette System

A History of Roulette and How to Find a Winning Roulette System

There are myriad of people who will try and sell you a winning roulette system – most will be based on pure luck. Winning at roulette is almost impossible – you have to go to the proverbial dark side to overcome the house edge and there are really no guarantees.

Louis XV of France, a member of the royal family, was reputed to be a roulette enthusiast and he spent a lot of his time at a gaming table. However, he was also known to be a compulsive gambler and when one day the king fell in love with a young spun detective – let’s say – the Duke of Monte Carlo – he was prevailed upon to loan him 50,000 francs to finance a new investigation. The ignition of the money gave birth to one of the most ingenious methods of betting and it also introduced the first 100 free bets.

Betting has been a part of human culture on a long-term basis, of course. The Romans seemed to have a real knack at it, as do the Chinese. Theverage playing gamblers of the period all seemed to have one thing in common – they seemed to have a technique, one betting system that worked uniquely for them and which allowed them to conquer their games.

Perhaps the most acknowledged technique is the martingale system, a slow-play developed by the early 19th century British Edward Thorpe, who actually devised a whole system of bets based on the losses of a single group of numbered dice – 6 dice total in all, you might find some of these bets in a book published in 1874. The strategy was the brainchild of Thorpe’s ‘The Method of Controlling Dices in an Easy Way’.

Today, no-one knows who really originated the martingale system other than Thorpe, but the technique has enjoyed a rather large following, relatively, in just about everyplayer’s favourite game. The beauty of the system is that you can introduce it to your preferred online casino or bookmaker and after a few bets with the martingale system in operation you’ll be looking at your total bankroll – including the initial stake – as the new profit generator.

If you chose to follow the system to the letter, the outcome for you will be that you have to constantly raise your bets with the prospect of eventual winnings; hence the system is loosely based on the old ‘roulette philosophy’ where you have to bet ‘Rtp Live Pragmatic Play‘ until you win.

Of course, you can’t always win, but the system is designed so that you come away in the end with a profit. You should keep in mind that you should also keep an eye on the colors, since this might not go well with the system, and you should be prepared to lose your bets. Making serious money with the system is made easier by the number of potential opponents you have in your chosen game; the more you choose opponents, the less likely you are to take a serious hit.

You’ll still need a little gin to operate the system and you might find yourself drunk or even high – this is why drinks are such a big no no; you might wake up a few hours later with nothing at all, since your judgment is when in play was dosed with alcohol. To be a winner you should be sure to stick to a method and table limits, and also, you should not take returns for notes. Legal limits on notes can be hard to realise at times.